In partnership with Seda, The DJSbuBreakfast will be bringing you the best in local entrepreneurship and also enlighten you more on why it is important to support local businesses.

See our Top 5 Reasons Why We Think You Should Start Supporting Local Businesses

1. Improve the local economy

Local business owners often have incentive to support other local businesses, patronizing local establishments for both business and personal reasons. Chain businesses, on the other hand, tend to get their supplies from corporate, as well as having store managers and employees that aren’t as personally invested in buying local.

2. Inspiring others

When you support small business owners, it helps to bolster entrepreneurship in others. They see that people actually care about small businesses instead of relying solely on large national retailers. If you have children, it is a great lesson to teach them that they, too, can become entrepreneurs if they want, and if they do a fantastic job, people will support them as well.

3. Creates local jobs

When you shop at and invest in your local businesses, you help create more jobs in the local community. Did you know that small local business is the largest employer nationally and provides jobs to the residents of our communities? In some areas local employers are actually more likely pay better wages and provide better benefits for their workers

4. Know the people behind the product

When you personally know the people behind the business where you’re buying local products and services, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have. Along with the rest of the community, you celebrate when a favorite local business succeeds and you mourn when it’s forced to shut its doors. This personal investment isn’t quite as present when a chain business closes, aside from feeling disappointment that you have fewer businesses within convenient driving distance.

5. More personalized service

Having the owner nearby also means the owner personally knows his customers. He knows the products you buy or the services you request on a regular basis and can tailor services to make your experience even better. A local gardening shop owner may learn about a new product on the market that can help you with a pest control problem you mentioned on one of your visits, for instance, and can order that product as part of his selections.


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